The best PSP game


The first DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY may have increased the fan base, but this sequel turns love for FF into 11 … eh … 012 … eh … beats Duodesim. I pass it on.

Designed as the first part of the first DISSIDIA, the DISSIDIA 012 is a combination of a standard JRPG mechanic and an irregular, high-octane head-to-head gameplay mechanic. It also adjusts some balance issues from the first game, giving nine new FF characters a bend. It's certainly a treat for FF fans, but thanks to its theatrical antiques, the Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy has something to keep beginners in.

۳ Person Portable

The great thing about this PSP customization for the PS2 Persona 3 is that it feels fresh and different when you upgrade to the handset. By optimizing the world for quick and easy exploration and shifting the protagonist's point of view from male to female, the overall tone of the story changes, and even old fans can take on new ones.

With these influential tweaks, this PSP version of the JRPG is exceptional, but its greatest strength is the unchanging creep in the dungeon, unmatched by Canon's RPG. Only the PS Vitas Persona 4 Golden suits him.

LocoRoco 2

It's impossible to hate LocoRoco 2. Keep going. After a few minutes of wearing painfully cute shoes on the Japan Studio platform, you also sing along with the title and spend every other second in their rich and colorful world.

Everything that made Locoroko an innovative hit has come back in this sequel. It takes a while to master the mechanics of the Tilt A World brand and it takes a few repetitions. If you want to collect all the secrets of the bonus games and missions, you want to become an expert in throwing, hitting and crushing the LocoRocos in your surroundings. The Saturday morning atmosphere of the cartoon does not allow you to disconnect. LocoRoco 2 is attractive and stimulating at the same time, not only cute, but also dangerous.

Valkyria Chronicles 2 on the battlefield

There were concerns that this portable sequel to psp romsValkyria Chronicles on PS3 would steal the chain in breadth and depth, but Sega is treating the transition like a master. Valkyria Chronicles II on the Battlefield tells the story of Before Hardin and follows the path through the Royal Military Academy of Lansir. You can navigate the same complex and satisfying conflicts on and off the battlefield.

After spending countless hours dealing with the military, adapting the vehicle, and completing a war strategy with Gaul, it becomes clear that this portable Valkyria battleground can keep its own.


As an updated remake of FINAL FANTASY TACTICS from the first PlayStation console, FINAL FANTASY TACTICS: Lions War expands the quality of tactical role-playing with new characters, jobs and scenes and is a veteran of the original motif. Come back too.

If you don't get lost in the maze, you'll be tinkering with your army for days and finishing your strategy on the outside. Like the original, the game is not user friendly for beginners. But those who spend time learning how it works will definitely focus on the cause.