Glycol ether

Glycol ethers  in  Petrochemical industry with two functional groups of ether and alcohol is considered as one of the most versatile aqueous solution, containing two main categories ethylene glycol butyl ether (butyl glycol ether) and ethylene glycol ethyl ether (ethyl glycol ether) which are difference at the type of alcohol.

In this process Ethylene Oxide, alcohol and catalyst solution will be added to a PFR reactor in continuous reaction system at the pressure of 3~4 MPa and temperature  of  ۱۲۰~۱۷۰°C to produce Mono, Di and Tri Ethylene glycol butyl ether, Mono, Di and Tri Ethylene glycol ethyl ether and other heavier glycol ether products. The reactor outlet after cooling will be led to the first column to recover the excess alcohol, and then it will be recycled to the reactor. Finally EB, DB and TB will be separated at the series columns respectively.

This liquid with a high boiling point, low volatility and faintly sweet odor is mainly used as diluent of base liquid for motor vehicle brake fluid and surface coatings (painting, thermoplastic traffic colors, acrylic, etc.)

Tri ethylene glycol butyl ether is the grade of glycol ether which is used as diluent of base liquid for motor vehicle brake fluid. Mono and Di ethylene glycol butyl ether and ethylene glycol butyl ether are the grades, which are mainly used in industrial painting and coating. Also this unit products are used for many applications in the pharmaceutical industry, plastics and textile.

Production units



Integrated production capacity is 15 thousand tons per year.

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Glycol Ether

Glycol ethers integrated production capacity of 50 thousand tons.